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CUTTERS "both//neither" 7" is out now

Nov 15th, 2015
Pick up a copy here

some things people have been saying about the record:

"...a proclamation of not only life, but survival."

- Punk News.

"Both // Neither is a raw and desperate three song collection that draws heavy influence from the emo and post hardcore of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The anger, frustration, and despair in Cutters' music is palpable and speaks directly to those that feel alone, disaffected, and alienated by and from society for whatever reason."

- Oklahoma Lefty

"The immediacy of the music and lyrics laid out by Brooklyn’s CUTTERS allows for no wasted motion with the future firmly and ubiquitously in the now. Lines of tension and anxiety burst out with incendiary force only slowing to spotlight specific nuances of the band’s residual energy and diverse talents."

- Speak Into My Good Eye

"Both // Neither is punk rock as it should be. If you enjoy the music of ATDI and Fugazi or the brash energy of Nirvana and Sex Pistols this one is something you should be adding to your collection."


Posted on November 15th, 2015
Welcome Monster Bad

We couldn't be happier to announce that Monster Bad has officially joined the Jam Eater Family! Later this year we'll be releasing their sophomore LP, "Last one out, Get the lights please", on cassete / digital. Follow us / them on facebook, etc for updates in the coming weeks / months. 

stay punk


Monster Bad


Monster Bad began as the musical endeavor of Chris Graci, with the eventual intention of gathering members for a band and performing live. This happened. Under constant lineup flux, the band currently features the voracious Jonathan Chun on guitar, the flirtatious Tim Perdoch on bass, the comprehensive Sam Stott on the drums, and the deadly Yasmine Shreiteh on keyboard. Monster Bad put out their first full length LP “Freak King” in 2013, and are releasing their sophomore LP, “Last One Out, Get The Lights Please”, on Jam Eater Records in 2015.

Posted on April 23rd, 2015
Cutters cassettes and Forget This stickers now available.

Jan 27th 2015

Cutters debut LP "We Are The Quarry" is sold out pretty much everywhere on cassette, but we've managed to grab a few of the last remaining copies to throw up on our store. Forget This stickers which were previously only available at shows are now in the store too. Happy New Year. 

Posted on January 27th, 2015